Top the Most Anticipated Books of 2019

Anticipated Books of 2019

Thousands of authors write new books every year. A lot of them remain unknown and the world loses them in the vast expanses of the information space. But there are some books that really worth to be read and even take them on the rest to relax by reading. Some authors give incredible emotions to readers: many likes to write an essay about the book they like or just book summary to share it with friends.

#1 George Martin “The Winds of Winter”

George Martin

The sixth book of the saga “A Song of Ice and Flame” – “The Wind of Winter” has become almost mythical. For nearly 8 years, millions of Martin fans have been waiting for the release of this book. But every year, for uncertain reasons, the completion of this book was postponed.

In 2018, there was a rumor that the book should be released after the series “Game of Thrones” was completed. It is known that the premiere of season 1 of season 8 was on April 15, 2019. But the exact date of the release of the book “Winds of Winter” is still unknown. At the same time, George Martin announced that there will be the seventh book of the cycle – the working title “A Dream of Spring”.

#2 William Gibson “Agency”

William Gibson

A new book by William Gibson was supposed to come out last year. According to the plot in the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton won. It was the reason that delayed the release of the book because Trump came to power. The author tried to remake the storyline in the “Agency”, but it turned out to be a bad idea and then Gibson left the initial version. He says that the novel’s action was developing in a parallel universe.

The book “Agency” is a direct continuation of the book “The Peripherals”. One storyline describes the events of 2017, and the second one occurs in the XXII century. Everything’s about a girl hired by an ominous startup to test the “personal cross-platform avatar”. All fans of the TV series “Black Mirror” by Wilm Gibson’s book will surely be thrilled because the author’s books’ style resembles exactly this series.

#3 Diane Setterfield “Once Upon a River”

Diane Setterfield

Diane Setterfield became famous for her incredible novel “The Thirteenth Tale”, which was released in 2006. The author’s next book, “Bellman and Black”, was published in 2013 and did not receive the same recognition as the first work.

And this year a new novel “Once Upon a River” is released. Fans of this writer have high hopes. The novel tells about the most ordinary evening in a small hotel on the River Thames. Residents tell their stories to pass the time until a wounded man appears in the doorway with the lifeless body of a girl. After a couple of hours, the girl wakes up, and people around do not understand what just happened. Was it a miracle? Or is it involved scientific knowledge? The answers will surprise everyone.

We have chosen the 3 best books that have already been published or will be released soon. They are worth to be read. And what books are you waiting for?

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