How to Save On Buying Books


People read books in the public transport on the way to work, before going to bed, even sometimes during lunch. Somebody has an E-Book reader. It is really comfortable – whole library is in one gadget. But you know, a lot of people like to buy paper books.

Unfortunately, buying books is a quite expensive hobby nowadays. But before seeking online payday loan provider about extra money, let’s talk about how to spend less for those who buy books constantly. The most obvious benefit is that spending less you can afford to buy more books. So take these tips and use them.

  • You can find a lot interesting in the flea market. I am sure you got used to buying books in a book store or online.  Have you ever visited a flea market in your city? You can buy there a lot of interesting things. There you can find really old but compelling books that aren’t sold in book stories. And the biggest advantage – you can buy it for a song.
  • Buy used books online. You know there a huge amount of sites on the internet where people sell used thing online. Sometimes people are ready to sell almost new books really cheap because they just don’t need it anymore. Found these sites and on your bookshelf will appear something new.
  • Be a member of a book club. A lot of book stores offer membership in their book clubs.  If you are a member of this club you are obliged to pay a membership payment or to buy some number of books during a year. But the price for members is always considerably lower.
  • Visit a library. It isn’t rocket science that the cheapest book is at a library. Yeah, you don’t buy a book, just rent but it is for free. Although a book will not be a part of your collection you have an opportunity to read it from cover to cover
  • What about bookcrossing? Have you ever heard about it? There are a lot of cafes around the world where you can take a book home, read it, even write a review but you have to return it or bring back another book. And again, it is absolutely free.
  • Want to download free books – chose classic literature. If you have an e-book reader you can download classic literature for free. Even the most popular online book stores allow you to download classic free because it is part of the public domain.
  • Borrow books in your friends. If your friends also like reading maybe they have own collection of books. You can just borrow it and save money. Also, you and your friends will have one more topic for discussion.
  • Pay attention to sales. Book stores as ordinary stores have sales from time to time. During this period of time, you have a chance to buy a discount book or several books at the price of one.
  • Use presale offers. If you are waiting for a brand new bestseller, use a presale offer. You pay before the sale but it is cheaper as usual.
  • If you have an e-book reader – you have another way to save. You can use some special apps on your e-book reader.  It affords to read some books for free. For instance Kindle app or Nook. These services often offer some books for free just to promote them.
  • Damaged books still are books. Check book stores. Sometimes books are damaged by suppliers or clients. These books always sell cheaper but these are still books. So lower price-one more chance to save money.

Reading has a lot of advantages. It develops your imagination, memory is getting better. It is less harmful to eyes than mobile phones and computers. Also, it is a good way to improve a foreign language. Sadly but less and fewer people are reading now. If you have this habit you are the lucky one because every single book is a new story, a new life, new emotions. Hope my tips will help you and you will be able to save money to buy more books.

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